Advice for people starting out in fitness from 3 gym owners…….

Look I wanted to do this, this is something really, really unique…..

That I’ve got in the gym with me today cause

this thing happens every Thursday, us dudes


all meet up to train and its guys who came through the Academy and


now they are Personal Trainers out there doing


their own thing


but the other unique thing is they all started here at


Elite and they now own their own gym so I


wanted to get like a little run-through


  • what’s happened since they started?
  •  Where they are now?
  •  Some advice for anybody who is starting out for fitness…..

Q. Scott where did we meet and what were you doing?

Scott “Way back in 2011 I graduated


then I probably floated……

around renting space doing my own thing


was probably doing that for about seven years


and its only in

the last year that I reached out for




I got the two lads (Sean and Jason) to help with my business


and since then


I’ve opened my own gym…..


and I am working less…..


and make more money…..”


Q. How long did it take start to finish?


seven to eight years


Q. So, you weren’t an overnight success? you didn’t just get your cert and then €€€€€€€€€€


no, no, definitely not, I did my time in like a box gym which was hell….


well I guess you


learn a few bits and pieces along the way


but you know it’s all a learning curve


reaching out is the biggest thing


that I could say to anyone.


Q. what advice would you give a younger Scott or anyone else starting off in the industry?


A younger Scott or anyone I would have to say….


….reach out for help don’t be afraid of it


because if you don’t you’re probably


gonna fail anyway

Eoin Gallagher- When did we first meet and what were you up to?

Back in 2012,


I came along and did the course which was absolutely


brilliant, amazing six weeks and I then


went and got an unpaid


internship in a commercial gym


spent eight months there kind of not


really doing too much


kind of cleaning toilets,


doing sales


and sign-ups.


I then opened a boot camp in a field and


it started raining as


per usual in Ireland.


I then rented a


space out of a gym in 2015….


In 2016 I opened my own gym in Deansgrange and


it is there now three years


Q. so, you really started from the ground floor up, bootcamp on the beach, how long did it take you to go from there to opening up your own place


took me year,


Q. Ok, that was quick, How did you do it?

a lot of hard work and






I was paying bills but never paying


myself it was always getting the

business up and running and then that’s


where I kind of really needed the help


and that’s when I came back to Sean and Jay and asked for the help and


since then


–  we’ve re-done the gym


– I’m working way less, I am actually only coaching 16 hours a week now


and have a very comfortable living at the moment.


Q. What advice would you give to someone starting off in the industry?

When I started I opened up


the doors I was like I thought I knew


everything but


really I didn’t and I


needed to ask for help and I think that’s


a big thing for a lot of personal trainers


they’re afraid to ask for help


because they think they’ll be judged in


other ways and where you just need to go


and reach out and ask for the help

“if you don’t try, you’re just gonna stay the same”

and if 


you stay the same you’re just gonna crumble.


Catherine you actually didn’t do the course here,

No I didn’t do the course here


I first met the guys back 2 1/2 years ago


Sean mentioned to me 


about the mentorship program


but I was working for someone else 


at the time I wasn’t very happy,


it took me four months to actually get back


in contact with the lads and join the


mentorship program and since


then I have actually opened my own studio….


I am celebrating a year next month so


everything is going really well…….

Q. what would you say to someone who is looking to get into the industry? As the lads have already said

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help or afraid of failure” – Scott Furlong


     “Trainers are afraid to ask enough questions to find out the information that they need and apply it” – Eoin Gallagher


Catherine ” I think get yourself a mentor who’s been there, done that and knows what they doing” 


I think that’s really


kind of damn good advice from everyone,


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