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Are you looking for a rewarding successful career in the fitness industry ?

Elite Fitness And Performance Academy

When choosing the right training course for you to build a career as a fitness professional, finding one that helps you achieve your career and financial goals is key. Your training should provide you with the essential skills that will enable you to coach people safely and effectively, communicate ideas and build relationships, and give you the business skills to profit from your passion.

We design our unique courses at Elite Fitness And Performance Academy to go beyond just giving you a certification. All of our personal training courses were created with the end goal of helping you become the most successful personal trainer you can be. Understanding how to get impressive results with clients so that you become a sought after personal trainer in your area.

Elite Fitness And Performance Academy Provides Education Not Certification

At Elite Fitness And Performance Academy, we like to think differently and challenge the status quo. We noticed that some personal training careers were very short-lived. We believe that most certification programmes are inadequate. They provide the basic skills to qualify and fail to give them the skills to succeed in their career as personal trainers.

Our personal trainer courses and certifications are all based on real-world experience. We go beyond teaching theory and show you how it applies to our private training gym in real life.

Why Elite is the right choice for you

I’m Sean McGarrity Founder of the Elite Fitness & Performance Academy.

I still remember when I completed my first course in the fitness industry. I walked out with a piece of paper in my hand that said “Sean McGarrity…PERSONAL TRAINER”.

Yet I hadn’t a single clue how to do what it said on there with any shred of certainty. I wanted to know how to train people and get them real world results. I wanted to understand how I could help clients their nutrition in a practical way. I wanted to know how to coach effectively. What I knew was depressingly average at best.

That day I had a thought that something should be done about how fitness education was being delivered. I had ideas of how it could be so different. 

I have searched for YEARS to assemble a team capable of delivering a course to the exacting standards of what is now Elite Fitness & Performance Academy and I can say, hand on heart, the team we have now has broken any idea of what I could ever imagined was possible.

We began work on this syllabus more years ago than I care to remember. Debating, learning, testing and reviewing every single one of the finest methods at our disposal. We wanted to unleash a hugely powerful education to the right kind of personal trainer so they had the ability to become great coaches. Coaches who understand what it takes to get amazing results for their clients and how to achieve a successful career.

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How We do Things differently

  • Education
  • Our fully accredited courses provide you with more than just a piece of paper and basic knowledge. You will learn how to deliver effective personal training services from day one.
  • Practical hands on learning
  • Elite Fitness & Performance Academy training is delivered live in a fully operating gym and personal training studio, so you will be able to see how the skills you learn are applied in a real world environment.
  • Become part of our family
  • Our graduates become part of our family. We are here to support and guide you every step of the way as you move forwards into your career.
  • Coaching "in the field from day one"
  • We provide you with the safe space to start coaching and learning with a 'hands on' approach. This will allow you to develop your real world skills, so you will be prepared to start working with clients as soon as you graduate.
  • Practising tutors
  • All the team are experienced and practising coaches. Our tutors are still practising trainers who work with clients on a daily basis. Making sure you are learning skills and systems that will allow you to stand out from the crowd
  • The business of fitness
  • Having built successful fitness businesses from scratch we understand what it takes to stand out in a crowded market, and can help you differentiate yourself from other trainers.

Student Stories

‘’The Elite staff have put together an incredible curriculum in key areas such as anatomy & physiology, myofascial release, mobility, flexibility, resistance training, conditioning, and nutrition. The curriculum presented is well researched and supported by valid scientific studies ! As a veteran school teacher in America, what I most admired about the Elite instructors is that they were beyond book smart and were dedicated practitioners of fitness and all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Based on a wealth of first hand experience, the instructors at Elite have a keen eye when guiding gym instructors and personal trainers toward mastery in exercise technique and the key teaching points needed to train clients. If you are in a tough legal bind, you want a lawyer who understands the law and can best defend you. No matter what type of service you are seeking, you surely want a consummate professional. You want the best! The staff at Elite Fitness and Performance Academy are consummate professionals. They are the best! 

- Shane McCracken

“After doing the 6 weeks fulltime course with Elite Fitness & Performance Academy I just had a much bigger outlook as to what was possible with the qualification and what I had learned. I had a few clients lined up for the Monday right after I had finished. it was great to be able to deliver all the material I had learned to clients. They were quickly seeing results and word of mouth got the message out there. Then it just exploded! Within 9 months I had kitted out my own facility, booked out my diary and employed 3 PT’S to work with me. Keep your education up to date! All of the Elite courses I have completed, Kettlebells, PT+ Suspension Training, Box, I have been able to use to help me generate revenue and results with clients. The tutors hold nothing back: they give you the absolute best knowledge and training methods in the business. That’s what makes Elite so different from other providers these guys are doing men not talking men if you get me!”

- John T Kenny

‘’There’s been very few times I’ve come across people as knowledgeable and inspiring as the Elite team. They go much further than teaching you the basics. They give you the knowledge and experience to be confident in what you know, to be able to help others and to start your own business, an area neglected by most courses. This is the only course I would recommend if you are thinking of becoming a fitness instructor/PT or if you just want to know how to be a badass !’’

- Caoimhe Harris

Download Your Elite Elite Fitness And Performance Academy Prospectus 

Get All Course Info, Dates, Prices..... Everything emailed to your instantly.