A Lesson on Personal Training From The Irish Army?

What Has An Irish Army Commander Got to Teach you About Personal Training…?


DO you know this….


some people just REFUSE


Point blank


To give up


Kinda like that “Siege of Jadotville” movie

(on Netflix)


It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen EVER

Not just because it’s a true story….


Where the Irish army get cornered


in a wide open area

that’s  nearly impossible to defend 


By a massive group of mercenaries


Somewhere in deepest darkest Africa.


They were outgunned, outmanned, and in a shit position


But they just wouldn’t give up


EVEN when only…..


155 Irish stood against 5,000


5,000 Highly trained mercenaries

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with heavy weapons


mortars, fighter jet’s with Bombs


Big mofo machine guns


The lot


The Irish just dug in


held their ground…

….to the last bullet


Not one single Irish man died

The mercenaries (on the other hand)


Massive casualties.


The commander of the mercenaries kept meeting the Irish commader
on the peace line… Saying:


“i think it’s time you lads GAVE UP…..Just Surrender”




The Irish forces?


simply would NOT give up.


It’s a bit like this old fitness malarky


If you’re thinking about getting into it


You might feel “outgunned”


You might feel like there’s already
too many “out there”


Like what have you got to offer
that’s different from the rest?


Let me tell you a little secret


(it’s the same reason the Irish did so well in Jadotville)


They had a commander
who was a seasoned pro.


Leading them the whole way


From his knowledge of battle


He outsmarted, outwitted, out positioned
and outperformed the mercenaries.


And basically made the mercenaries look “stoopid”


Even though his troops had never seen battle before


They literally murdered the opposition


Because their key was HIS knowledge


Strategies their commander knew would work ======= >

Because they were grounded in RESULTS
not opinions


That turned the odds in THEIR favour


The Mercenaries were BEGGING the Irish


To stop killing their crew


But they wouldn’t give up till the last bullet was done.


It’s exactly the same advantage trainers get
When they study with us


Because, like the guys in Jadotville…


The knowledge we have, comes from training people


“in the field”” so to speak



It’s so good


It’s nearly cheating




When we share it with you


We condense more than 10 years of coaching knowledge


Into our Elite coaching certification

We turn the odds in your favour

Then When you go out into the field


Its gonna be a slaughter. (metaphorically mind)


Just like our lads did


And believe me if you do half as well

As those guys in jadotville…..
..You’re going to be very impressed. 🙂


So if you’re ready to “arm up”


If you’re ready to learn the tools and techniques from us


That will literally blow away your competition


Making you the stand out trainer in your area


Then you know what to do…


Get with the seasoned pro’s in the fitness game


The guys who do this EVERY DAMN DAY


and who are committed to getting you the same results

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