90% of Personal Trainers quit in 1 year & make

The exact comment I got was this:

“Is it True nearly 90% of Personal Trainers Quit after 1 or 2 years because they make less than 10,000 and cant move out of mum and dads place?”



YUP 90% of new Personal Trainers



QUIT within a couple years




Cause they earn €10,00 (or even LESS)




And can’t move out



of mum and dads place



That was the comment


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Did I get angry??






I thought it was very interesting



And here’s WHY it could be true




Lots of people do courses




Without thinking too much




About what happens afterwards


You see…..





….No course OR, certification




guarantees success





I know plenty of people with MASTERS




Who would gladly work any job,





or who have none at all



SO forget certifications




While you need one…….



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…..success needs more




You need to know why you’re doing it



in the first place









If you’re doing it because




you have a strong belief








(yeah I’m getting deep this morning)

unbeatable mind


That means…..even when it gets tough



you will stand by your belief



Even when you hit challenges



You won’t be put off track




You’re firmly fixed to your vision





And people will be drawn to you




because YOU are leading the way




Giving them hope




Let me prove the importance of that to you



Question: Imagine for a second ….you’re a PT




You have a weight loss client




One week ……… they DON’T lose weight





They put weight ON





Do you say




“ah baleex were fuked, ditch everything just go back to doing bugger all, don’t bother it’s not worth the effort”


Why do personal trainers quit



“were not gonna let this get to us dude, lets get back on the plan remember why we are doing this… listen we’ve learned from this one way you don’t get it right so lets fix it next week……




……WE can do this”





See my point?





One is the way towards success




One is doomed to fail





It’s exactly the same in business





Those who really want it




And are willing to do whatever it takes

(Even when shit gets tough)






Will be the ones who make shit happen





And I wanna know those people





Because all they need is a little hope and direction




And they can help us change




the way fitness is being done in Ireland ….It starts HERE

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