5 Reason’s Why You’re Not In The Fitness Industry (And how a personal trainer course can help)

Everyday we hear reason’s stopping people from

taking a leap of faith doing a personal trainer course

getting into the industry and changing their lives forever.

Now we are NOT saying that taking a personal training

course works like a magic bullet.

Of course it doesn’t.

There isn’t any course on earth that guarantees you get a job.

OR success.

Including going to university and getting a degree. Not a single university will make a crazy claim that a degree will guarantee a job. It guarantees education. What you do with it will determine if you get a job or not. 

At the end of the day: That’s down to you. Even the best

Education can be wasted if it’s not put to use, because you

procrastinate, or just can’t be bothered.

BUT. (And this is a really big “but”)

You do need a personal trainer course under your

belt before you can work in the industry.


you need one that is more than just a fitness certification,

you need a course which gives you a fitness education

If you don’t know why that’s true right now then you should definitely read on,

It will all come clear towards the end.

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So lets look at some of the reasons we know of that might be stopping you

from studying a Personal trainer course with us and also some reasons that

if you don’t get right you probably shouldn’t even think about this as a career choice.

Because (most of the time) these excuses are the only thing holding people back from

exploring what could be a very rewarding career in something they are passionate about.

Here we have the top 5, that we come across on a daily basis,

maybe you can relate to one or all of these 5 but for sure we

have some things here that will get you thinking.

1) TIME – “I can’t take 6 weeks off work”

This one I get, its scary. If you have a job, you might want to stick at it while you

study so you may want to try and get time off. Sometimes it happens sometimes it wont.

Sometimes just taking that leap of faith and quitting your job is too scary to think about. Or maybe you have a mortgage, dependants, or outgoings that just simply won’t allow a dip in income for any short period of time.

But that doesn’t mean your journey ends there:

We have an 18 week part-time personal trainer course which is the same accreditation, qualification and content covered as the 6 weeks course. It’s the highest standard available in Ireland today. It’s also recognised in all the same countries as everyone else’s REPS Ireland certificates. Don’t let anyone tell you any different please there is enough confusion in this industry without providers lying to you about how many “Certs” you get with their course or their “cert” being “Better” its simply not. All certification which achieve REPS Ireland status are exactly the same.

SO what differs? The EDUCATION you get on course is completely different.

Because we are so well known by gym owners and employers our certificates are the preferred standard today because our course is so practical and up to date.PT Course Dublin

Employers know they are going to get highly qualified trainers who know more than just dancing on steps and a module on “sports specific training” that has been reduced to a single handout which is one report I have heard. Ridiculous.


A few two hour lectures on “strength & conditioning”

which is what the whole GODDAMN COURSE should be about if you are to stand any chance in the industry today.

Don’t worry we wrote our syllabus ourselves and re-evaluate it every year so we have you covered there. NO time wasted on Step aerobics the whole course Is based around solid training modalities.

Here’s what Mike Robertson of IFAST had to say about us on his visit.

Sean McGarrity brought me over to speak for Elite FPA in October of 2014. While I was a little worried about traveling to Ireland without knowing them personally, Sean put my mind at ease and ensured that every aspect of my stay was taken care of.

What immediately stood out with me was the wealth of knowledge that Sean and his staff possessed. These guys are serious about their continuing education and it shows. The asked great questions, and were focused on getting better.

If you have the opportunity to learn from Sean and his staff, I would jump at the chance. They are true professionals, and I can guarantee they’ll make you a better trainer or coach.”

– Mike Robertson MS, CSCS, USAW President, Robertson Training SystemsCo-Owner, Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training

TIME “I need to get into the industry and start making money quickly and I’m not sure how to do it”

How does 6 weeks full time sound? Quick? Bloody should do because it’s the fastest way you can get qualified today in Ireland and still have the same internationally recognised certification from REPS Ireland. (which also won best in fitness education award this year against every college and academy you care to mention too so just bear that in mind if anyone says its not enough 😛

“that’s way to short you couldn’t possibly get a valid cert from that?”

Oh yeah? tell that to the students who have walked out of our doors for the last five years and went onto run highly successful training facilities of their own and then who have sent us people who they wanted trained up so they could add them to their staff.

Not just in Ireland either, Netherlands Australia, Switzerland, Boston, Belgium. You name it we have dudes form all over with us here.

Its not only fast it’s way more in depth than anything else out there.

Think about this for a second.

A course HAS to adhere to some standards to achieve REPS Ireland Accreditation right?

Of course it does and this cert ticks all boxes

and does it faster and in more depth than anyone else does.

If it didn’t I couldn’t even mention REPS Ireland accreditation in the same sentence as my course.

SO in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger “don’t listen to the naysayers”

Personal Trainer Courses dublin

Why don’t the others do it then? They don’t have the facility we do for one.

We are full time fitness business owners. The course runs out of OUR gym not some gym we hire for a couple of hours.

This is our live facility and we run a very healthy business out of it.

That’s how we are able to show you how you can succeed with yours.

Now what if we could show you how to make money form the business of fitness in 26 hours per week or less and still make a very healthy income? Would you be interested?

Of course you would, the problem is you probably haven’t been shown a plan you BELIEVE in that could work for you. Damn sure we can help you there.

That is why we show our students how to do that in our Business strategy development class, it takes a look at your future business and tackles each element form marketing, to sales to fulfilment, and delivers you a solid plan so that once you leave you have something you can implement right away that will deliver you the income you need to be comfortable in your new path.

Now imagine you had the confidence to deliver personal training that gets results and you had the confidence in a business plan that you understand that delivers income, is that something you would be interested in?

2) MONEY – “I don’t have the money”

We understand it’s a big investment so all we require is a deposit of €500 and then we can come up a payment plan that suits your needs and circumstances – within reason of course!

“Other courses are cheaper”

Like every single other industry out there you get what you pay for.

Cheap courses equals cheap trainer. I am sure you have all heard the saying

buy cheap and you buy twice”

Know what its true. So you just went and bought a bog standard certification course because all you need is a cert right?

Regardless of what you call yourself, if you’re just a rep counter with a bog standard cert, you’ll not last very long in this industry. As a successful professional, you need to be way more than that.

That why you need more than just a fitness certification you need a fitness education.

And guess what. That costs money, and has to be learned from people who walk that path.

Our tutors live breath and eat this industry and that is why we have written this course for people who want to know more than just the bog standard, they want to go into the fundamentals of strength and conditioning, they want the advanced programming knowledge that goes with it, they want powerlifting methods, Functional movement screening knowledge, Myofascial release techniques, mobility and movement preparation, planning and periodization, and more so that they are not just another trainer, they are the stand out guy or girl in their area.

That’s what you get when you come to Elite FPA, and no one else has that syllabus because we wrote it and we wont give it away to just anyone.

One last point on money I want to make is this.

If you are the kind of person who views this a a cost and something you should try to save on then you are probably the WRONG person for our Course.

You need to make a complete mind shift and start to view this as an INVESTMENT in your future. You need to make a wise investment and also plan how your going to make that investment back. We want to be here when your on course to help you make that plan a sound one that gives you the best chance of doing something with the education you get when your here.

In short we give a shit.

If your prospective provider doesn’t bother to help with your future plans then you can be sure all they are interested in is your money.

Personal Trainer course

3) Trust – people just don’t know who to trust out there. 

 “Why should I go with you?”

That one is simple for us to answer. So here’s what we want for you:

We want our students to think differently……. and realise what they could achieve if they weren’t afraid to fail.

We stand by our quality over quantity ethos; we are constantly looking for improvement in all our courses. We inspire positive change, and deliver education that empowers people.

We do that by delivering the most comprehensive education available today in the fitness industry.

We know this because we have crafted this from building one of the most successful fitness business in Dublin today which is also the site you will be learning in.

Imagine the difference in learning from people who actually do this every day; they market. sell and run their own fitness business. Imagine the difference it could make to your future business too.

But don’t just take our word for it here is Tommy Delaney’s review:

Have nothing but good to say about Sean and the team at Elite Fitness and Performance Academy. I thought I knew my fitness until I met these guys and did courses with them. I always went home full of new inspiring knowledge. I was talking to Sean on the phone recently in regards in developing myself down here as a fitness professional in Mountmellick County Laois. The advice he gave me in the half hour free phone call was mind blowing, what a man of wisdom and knowledge. I would advise anyone who is looking to get into the fitness industry or continue your education this is the place to be. Sean and his team have the future of fitness education in their hands so you better grab it.”

4) Desire

  1. a) Will I get a job?

Certification does not equal qualification; some students have not thought exactly what they want to do once they do the course. We want all our students to have a why?

There’s no point even thinking of taking this any further if you just woke up one day scratched yourself and said

“you know what I reckon I would make a great trainer, sure I’m in great shape Buuuurp”

if this is you, do us a favour; ring someone else.

We DON’T want to hear from you.

We want our students to have gone through a serious thought process and deeply understand why they want to get into the industry. If you cant answer this question:

“Why should I personal train with you.”

You’re going to have real trouble getting people to understand what your all about and what makes you different to all the other trainers out there.

If they cant see what make you different, they will only have price to compare you on, and that’s not a great start for your business.

What we mean is, what do you stand for as a trainer, what is your purpose cause or belief.

WHY Do you want to work for themselves and WHY the fitness industry?

What experience tells us is that trainers with this strong “why” not only will that trainer have more of a passion for what they do, they come across as authentic.

With authenticity they gain more trust from their clients and in turn those clients become loyal and in being loyal those clients will turn down a cheaper product to continue doing business with you because you “speak” to them on a much deeper level.

5) Hurry

“I need to think about it” “or “what’s the hurry there’s always next time.”

Seriously if this is you then you need to realise when your looking at an opportunity to make something of your self then the time to do that is now.Best PT Course

You have to realise that the only thing standing in front of you and a fulfilling career that your passionate about, (and one you get to help people on a daily basis) is that bullshit excuse you keep telling yourself.

Every single person who I have ever spoken to who postponed a course, when they actually got round to studying, I always asked them; “so what was it that held you back from doing it?”

The answer they are always quick to tell me again is some blah blah blah. Then I ask.

“looking back to the thing that held you back initially. Was it really that important?

The answer is always a resounding NO.

I think its part of some peoples built in psychology to actually delay a change which could be amazing for us in the fear that we may not live up to our own expectations.

So do something now your future self will thank you for.

Be decisive.

Go with your gut feeling.

Especially if it’s something you have been thinking about for a long time.

For the rest of you guys who are maybe struggling with a little bit of doubt…

Or if have more questions that you would love to have answered, maybe you have an idea about getting started?

and want to bounce that idea off someone who has been exactly where you are right now and who can advise you on what to do next then…

We want to hear from you.

Check out the course dates we have for 2020 HERE

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