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14 Craziest requests ever made to a PT


Came across this article just this morning and it creased me up.

Turns out people out there are off their trolly.😂

But hey maybe you knew that already

If not prepare yourself for a glimpse into the world of a personal trainer with 14 of the craziest things ever said to a PT in session.

By the way this was a real study conducted by interview with over 2,000 trainers.

So here we go               

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1. “Can you design a workout where I don’t lose weight from my boobs?”

2. “I can’t do anymore, I’ve got the jitters (which in fact turned out to the two red bulls and quadruple americano shot that morning)

3. “This meal plan sucks.”

4. “What do you mean I can’t eat doughnuts?”

5. “Can you find a way to burn the fat off my chin please?”

6. “I don’t want to give away too much information but my new flexibility is really paying off in the bedroom, my husband LOVES you.” 

7. “Am I allowed to eat some cake now?”

8. “I need to look good in a bikini in two weeks. Can you make that happen?”                             

9. “Why does my bum wobble when I walk?”

Best personal Trainer course Dublin10. “Sorry I’m late, I was just eating a burrito.”

11. “If you make me do one more burpee I’m going to kick you in the bollocks.”

^ this ones my favourite LOL

12. “Am I fat? Don’t lie to me…”

13. “Wouldn’t it just be faster if I got liposuction?”

14. “Can we stop now, I hate exercise.”

Whats the point of me sharing this (apart from the LOLZ) simple let me explain

All of us started out totally uneducated about fitness in the beginning.

And on our search for information and doing things right we can get distracted or led down the garden path.

And there’s been some mad trends in fitness throughout the years. Which definitely didn’t help matters.

I remember back when Fat Was Bad,

then it was protein that was wrecking your kidneys.

Creatine was “STEROIDS”, and

then “carbs are making you fat.”

All BS of course.

I was confused. And I was into educating myself.

So just imagine what the general public where like, who get all their information from the same place they get their entertainment.

They read tabloids, get misinformed, clickbait on Flakebook full of misleading info. And Now Netflix with docutainment series’ (for example “gamechangers” etc) that’s so heavily biased they’re spreading more disinformation and confusion than ever before on demand straight to your TV.

See you’re going to be up against beliefs like this all the time, with your future clients.

And let me tell ye unless you’ve been armed with the education on what is actually factually correct, and understand the tools of behavioural change and how to conduct crucial conversations you’re seriously gonna be up against it.

Those are the kind of high-level communication skills you need to deal with things like this.

Cause it’s one of the most crucial elements of gaining the trust and respect of your clients. Without it you’ll be hopelessly underprepared for the environment you’re about to go into.

And it amazes me that we’re the only ones to teach it.

Why? I hear you not ask. Ah, well you see, since we write the education we deliver and not buy it off ITEC like the rest. We update our course with current research and techniques continually. And we’re constantly taking leading research that’s science backed evidence based and using it in our gym first so we can validate it before we add it to the course material.

That’s the beauty of having a Gym where we can test our methods live and use the feedback and results we get to create the absolute best education and delivery methods all based in real world results.  

That’s a real game changer for our coaches on the floor and for the students in Elite who we teach it too.

It goes way beyond the 3 sets of ten shyte I see on other courses. And it’s just another reason why this is the course all of your mates are telling you to do.

It means you stand on the gym floor certain in your ability not just to deliver great training and results but you can conduct yourself like a professional and know how to talk the talk and walk the walk if you get me.

Its also another reason why our students do so well in job interviews.

Gym owners are always commending the education level of our students and their ability to converse at a much higher level than their peers.

Coincidence?? I think not. And it’s exactly why we place such a huge importance on these crucial elements on the Elite Coaching Certification

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