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You have been receiving e-mails from me for the past couple of weeks and perhaps even have our prospectus. Are you looking at a Personal Trainer course in Galway?

We are opening in Galway in April and though you may know or heard of Colm Callanan.

Here is are prospectus

You may be thinking?

  • Who are these new guys?                                                               Muscular ripped bodybuilder with dumbbells
  • They are very expensive compared to the other Personal Trainer course in Galway out there.
  • Why would I pick these over one of the other Education providers who have been in Galway for years?

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Sean McGarrity and I founded Elite Fitness and Performance Academy back in 2013 after working with another provider for a number of years.

While working with this provider I noticed they weren’t focusing on the aspects of the industry that I wanted to or felt should be focused on. That is why I founded Elite where we ultimately teach the fundamentals of strength and conditioning.

We don’t do exercise to music here so it gives us a chance to put all our focus into what we love to do, We want all our students to be skilled professionals so that is why they not only receive the theory and practical aspects which comes from the most innovators tutors in the industry.

But we also have a business module where I personally go through with them how to make the same money in a week if not more than what they are earning now in half the time (who wouldn’t want that)

Here is a testimonial from one of most successful past students John Kenny who took my advice

John T Kenny – Access Fitness Dublin (from fire fighter to fat fighter)

“After doing the 6 weeks full time course with Elite Fitness & Performance Academy I just had a much bigger outlook as to what was possible with the qualification and what I had learned. I had a few clients lined up for the Monday right after I had finished. It was great to be able to deliver all the material I had learned to clients. Within 9 months I had kitted out my own facility, booked out my diary and employed three PT’S to work with me. Keep your education up to date! All of the Elite courses I have completed, Kettlebells, PT+ Suspension Training, GF BOX, I have been able to use to help me generate revenue and results with clients. The tutors hold nothing back; they give you the absolute best knowledge and training methods in the business. That’s what makes Elite so different from other providers: these guys are doing men not talking men, if you get me!”

Look, I understand you don’t know me or my company, so why should you pick us or any education provider for that matter to do your Personal Trainer Course in Galway

But I want to give you some tips you should consider when choosing any education provider:

1) We have all heard the old saying “try before you buy” which can be difficult in the service industry.

But remember you can and should request a site-visit as here so you can see first-hand what is on offer and not just take our word for it.

2) Look at testimonials, look up their facilities even contact them if you want some direct impartial advice.

3) Finally probably the most important advice would be, think about what kind of trainer you want to be. Do you want to do exercise to music for example? Who do you want to train?

Here at Elite, we stand for quality over quantity; we want you to get the best while you are here.

We are also looking at constant ways to improve our Personal Trainer course in Galway. We provide everything the other providers do (we have to we are all accredited by REPS Ireland) but we also add our secret sauce to it.

If you are someone looking for an education rather than just a cert. than we are the guys for you. Our tutors live and breathe this industry. They not only tutor my Personal Trainer course in Galway but they are all working in the industry.

Therefore if you are looking for:

  • exercise to music
  • are price conscious
  • just want a cert

Than we are not the provider for you.


If you:

  • Want an education that you can carry with you for years.
  • Want to learn aspects of this industry to give you the life you have been dreaming of.
  • Want to learn from the best in the industry
  • Want to never work a day in your life again ( as this wouldn’t feel like a job)

Then we are the guys for YOU.

If you haven’t already filled out a discovery call application  then do so today or

Call Colm in Galway on 086 8111466 and remember to ask to come and see the site and even meet some of the tutors.

Here is our prospectus, click to find out more

Best personal trainer course dublin

Kind regards

Sean McGarrity


Call Colm on 086 8111466 or fill out our discovery call application to start the life you have been dreaming of and have never felt it could be possible


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