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We Do Things Differently


All our courses are delivered in a working gym, so you get real-world, hands-on experience. You get to learn practical skills that you can't learn in just the classroom.

Industry Leading

Your instructors are successful active personal trainers coaching in the field, so you learn practical techniques that work in the real world.


Our successful graduates become part of the family. We are with you every step of your career to help you succeed and make sure you are not alone.

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  • Simply download a course prospectus to understand all the details of one of our Elite Personal Training Courses.
  • Application Call
  • Have a chat with one of our Elite trainers, who will be able to answer any questions you have and give you guidance to take the next step.
  • Take the course
  • Attend your Elite Personal training course. Learn real-world techniques from trainers who are actually in the industry so that you can learn what really works.
  • Succeed
  • Once you achieve your certification, we help support and guide you every step of the way through your career to make sure you succeed.

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Elite Fitness & Performance Academy Prospectus

Get All Course Info, Dates, Prices.....
Everything emailed to your device instantly.

Student Stories

‘’I thought I knew my fitness until I did the course at Elite. I always went home full of new inspiring knowledge . I was talking to Sean on the phone recently in regards to developing my business as a fitness professional. The advice he gave me in the half hour free phone call was mind blowing! I would advise anyone who is looking to get into the fitness industry or just further their learning to get into Elite. Sean and his team have the future of fitness education in their hands so you better grab it!”

- Tommy Delaney

‘’Fantastic place to start my journey in the Fitness Industry, Highly commended! A great platform for real professionals and those who love this industry.’’

- Sophie Kavanagh

‘’I was so proud when I received my certificates for Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer after only 6 short weeks! You won’t find another course like the one from Elite Academy. The provided material delivers all the information you need to start with in your new career and enables you to be distinguished from all the other trainers out there from the first day you start working! The coaches are world class level with years of practice in the fitness industry. To teach everything from perfect technique to sales and marketing in 6 weeks to people with zero knowledge about the topic, now that is something incredible!‘

- Yana Nova

What Makes Us Different

Most personal trainers take a qualification that they hope will lead to a successful and rewarding career in the fitness industry. Unfortunately, many certification programs are based heavily on classroom and theory-based learning that overlooks what it takes to succeed as a personal trainer. This leads to trainers and coaches who are uncertain how to get results for their clients.

We developed Elite Fitness & Performance academy to create a unique learning environment that educates you to become a successful personal trainer instead of just helping you achieve certification.

We believed in doing things differently so that you can receive the education you deserve, and that will allow you to go forwards and get amazing results with clients. An education that will enable you to become recognised as the go-to personal trainer in your area will give you the skills you need to make a real impact on your client's lives.

At Elite, we believe in doing things; differently our courses mean that you get more than just a piece of paper.

  • Education, not just certification 
  • You get more than just a cert. You get an EDUCATION and an ability to train clients, so you get real-world results that your clients will pay you for.
  • Practical hands-on learning 
  • Our courses are delivered in a LIVE gym, NOT a lecture hall, so you get real-world “hands-on” education that gets results.
  • Practising tutors
  • You will gain experience from tutors who still coach every day in a system of producing results way beyond the scope of any of your peers.
  • Business Of Fitness
  • How to – run a successful pt business and stand out in a crowded market. How to achieve financial freedom and earn more money than you did before while having a rewarding career.

previous students classes.

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Elite Fitness & Performance Academy Prospectus

Get All Course Info, Dates, Prices.....
Everything emailed to your device instantly.