"When I see Elite on a cv, I know they're worth talking to" - Elite
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“When I see Elite on a cv, I know they’re worth talking to”

3 of my last 4 hires have been Elite students and theres a pretty obvious reason why……

Brendan came across F45 by pure accident and

what an accident that turned out to be

he’s now launched 3 franchises in Dublin over the past 2 years

Brendan is here with us today to tell us how he got into the industry but also has an opportunity for a student as he hires a lot of Elite students

Okay Brendan, firstly what is F45?

F45 is what we like to call having a Personal Trainer within a group, it merges high intensity, interval training with circuit training and functional movement in the best effective and efficient way.

Technology plays a massive role, with all the programmes on an app which is put on a screen on the studio wall.

Great so how did you get into the industry?

well, I suppose like so many of your students,

I was in a good pensionable job, liked the job but there was alway this niggle

in me telling me this wasn’t what I wanted forever.

I knew I loved fitness so decided to do a Personal Trainer course.

Over the next couple of years, I was looking for the right business to venture into but nothing stood out

so carried on with my job

Headed off to Australia which I had been to a couple of times and returned to where I thought was a spin studio but in fact was F45

I tried it and loved it

and knew straight away that Dublin was missing something like this

It took a long time to get everything in place and


we face a lot of the challenges like:

  1. its was difficult especially finding property, coming out of a recession, a lot of people out looking to.
  2. looking for the right trainers, a constant challenge

so, Brendan, if there is someone thinking about getting into the industry what advice would you give

  • You are never too old to get into something you are passionate about, try and find what you are passionate about and turn it into your career.
  • make sure you are getting into it for the right reasons, just because you like the gym doesn’t mean you are going to like being a personal trainer. Its about helping other people achieve their fitness goals
  • Listen to your gut and go for it.


elite pt course

What is the most important thing you have learnt when running your own business?

  • Discover your own strengths and play to that and find others to do the rest, you are not going to be good at everything
  • stay on top of everything, there is so much to do but its all important
  • customer service is so important to us, I want it to be the best 45 mins of that persons day, trainers need to leave their personal lives at the door.


So, Brendan you have said before that if you see Elite on a cv you know they are worth talking to, why is this?

Elite has a great reputation, I know if I see Elite on a cv that they have had a great education,

The persons technique and their ability to help others with their technique is second to none.

they are always really professional

I can see they learn a lot of valuable qualities in Elite…….


If you want to be one of F45 next Trainers download our prospectus today to start your fitness career


3 of my last 4 hires have been elite students because they stand out so much.  

The guys who go to elite are the ones who have done their research they know what kind of trainer they want to be and they go after it 

and they’ve the right energy and enthusiasm deliver an exceptional client service and can back it up with ability
…………..When I see Elite on a CV I know that person is worth talking to” Brendan Spratt