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Terms & Conditions

All courses involve attendance at various times and on various dates for varying durations depending on the course option chosen.

It is the student’s responsibility to attend every tutorial. Where a student has missed a class, it is the student’s responsibility to catch up on the topics & lessons missed, prior to returning to the next session. Student’ should arrange / pre-arrange with their class-mates to copy notes, Student Workbook notes, find out what assignments have been given by the tutors, what needs to be prepared before the next class, if any assessments are scheduled etc. Students will be encouraged from the start of the course to network with their class-mates, to swap email / contact details. In the unlikely event that notes & information cannot be obtained, then the Tutor should be contacted for assistance. Please note, however, that the Tutors cannot be expected to send notes / class content to every student, across every course, for every class missed. Remember also, that due to the practical nature of the course, “catching-up” will never be as good as attending in the first place.

Where a student’s attendance is affected by a medical reason or serious personal situation, an opportunity to repeat the course in full, selected portions of the course, or examinations may be offered at no extra fee depending on current circumstances. Where this is not deemed appropriate, fees may apply.

Where a student does not achieve 70% or greater attendance, they will not be eligible to partake in examinations.

Preparation for final examinations is vital, particularly those of a practical nature, and a realistic chance of success drops with every lesson missed.

All mandatory course-work / case-studies etc. must be submitted prior to examinations.

Students will be ineligible to sit final examinations where their percentage of uncertified course time missed reduces their attendance below 70%.

Elite Fitness & Performance Academy wishes to see all students succeed to the best of their ability on the courses. Where a student finds that they are struggling to understand or learn any aspect of the course content, they should speak to the relevant tutor or if preferred the Course Coordinator. In cases where the student is perceived to be genuinely trying & putting in the effort, our Tutors will be happy to assist. This assistance may range from repeating a topic in class to suggestions on learning / practice techniques right through to additional tutoring time. This will be done on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of the Tutors, in consultation with the Course Coordinator.

Elite Fitness & Performance Academy has set rules and regulations regarding professional attendance, time-keeping, personal appearance, conduct, etc. You agree to abide by such conditions, our Code of Ethics and National Standards and Guidelines.

All applicants for courses have a responsibility to ensure that they are not suffering from any illness or injury which may prevent their complete participation on the course. Applicants must also ensure that they do not suffer from any communicable disease and furthermore, should they contract such a disease during the term where they are participating on the course, that they will not attend for the duration of the period during which they could infect fellow students.

Before paying any deposit or course fees you must ensure that you have read all the information available regarding each course, including all published data on the Elite Fitness & Performance Academy website at www.elitefpa.ie and any downloadable literature which may be available for individual courses. Having read all available information please ask any additional questions you may have by telephone or at any open days or interviews. We want you to make the right choice.

The eligibility requirements for courses vary. Please check that you meet the eligibility requirements outlined for each course before enrolling.

It is important for potential students to understand that places on all courses are available on a first come first served basis. If you feel quite certain that this is the course for you we would advise that you pay a deposit as soon as possible in order to avoid potential disappointment.

Deposits are non-refundable in all circumstances.

Once a course commences, the student becomes liable for the full course fees & refunds will not be considered.

Students who fail to complete a course for any reason will receive no refund of course fees paid and will still be liable for the full course fee.

In the case of cancellation by an applicant, prior to course commencement, the balance of course fees may only be refunded as outlined below. Notice of an applicant’s non-participation must be given in writing.

If an applicant has a genuine medical or compassionate reason for why they are unable to commence a course where fees have already been paid, they may be able to defer their participation to a later date.

Deferral applications will be dealt with on case-by-case basis

Where written notice of non-participation is received, fees will be refunded on the following scale:

Six weeks before the course start date – 80% refund.

Five weeks before the course start date – 70% refund.

Four weeks before the course start date – 60% refund.

Less than four weeks before the course start date – 0% refund.

The option to pay course fees by instalment may be offered for some courses, or applicants.

In this case applicants must complete and return a direct debit mandate / standing form (as applicable) at the time of enrolment, or with the Course Coordinator on first day of the course.

In cases where instalment payments are agreed to, the applicant will still become liable for the full course fee once the course commences.

It may be possible to change the schedule of instalment payments to a different plan from the initial one, in certain circumstances. The Course Coordinator should be contacted in this case.

Non-payment of fees due by instalment may result in:

–          withdrawal of permission  to continue participation on the course,

–          ineligibility to sit examinations

–          withholding of examination results

–          certificates not being awarded

If a student encounters unforeseen circumstances which restricts their ability to pay instalments due, they should contact the course coordinators as soon as possible. Such cases will be dealt on a case-by-case basis.

Places on programmes of education are non-transferrable in all instances.

Should there be a genuine medical or compassionate reason why a student is unable to commence a course where fees have already been paid, they may apply to the Course Coordinator Office of the Elite Fitness & Performance Academy to defer their participation to a later date. The decision of the Course Coordinator’s Office in all such matters is final.

For courses which have provision for the payment of fees by instalment students must complete and return a direct debit mandate form at the time of enrolment. Non-payment of fees due by instalment may result in a student being refused permission to continue with their participation on the course, to sit examinations, to receive examination results and awarding of certificates. If students face any unforeseen circumstances which have a negative impact on their ability to pay instalments due, they should contact the Elite Fitness & Performance Academy office of administration as soon as possible.

Course start dates may be subject to change. If a course start date changes you will be offered the opportunity to transfer your enrolment to the new date or to receive a full refund of any fees paid. Should a course be cancelled or postponed the Elite Fitness & Performance Academy will not be held responsible for any additional costs incurred by the student, including, but not limited to, transport or accommodation. Once a course commences, although extremely unlikely, class dates and times may be subject to change. Tutors for individual classes on courses, venues for courses and individual classes, and course fees may be subject to change. Fees for multi-year programmes may be subject to change from year to year. Any and all special offers and/or promotions offered in relation to enrolment for any course are always subject to availability. Although the Elite FPA will always endeavour to meet all demands in relation to such offers, should there be no availability for any offer an alternative or cash amount will not be offered.

Certificates and other qualifications will only be awarded once a student has successfully completed all assessments associated with their course and once all fees have been paid and any evidence required for proof of eligibility has been submitted.

Course examination procedures:

Fees include

Personal Trainer course -2 theory exams & 1 Practical

–          Gym Instructor – 2 theory exams & 1 Practical

–          CPD’S – 1 Practical

–          Repeat fees:

–          Practical – €100

–          Theory – €35