Meet the Elite Team


A course is only as good as the person giving it, that’s why our instructors are the best in the Irish fitness industry.

Not only do our instructors give some of the best courses available, they are all full time fitness professionals. Most have been involved in the fitness industry from a young age – from martial artists, powerlifters, international sprinters to nutritional scientists – before taking the leap themselves to realise their dreams of becoming fitness professionals. As well as instructing at Elite, all are full time in the fitness industry running their own gyms, coaching practices or seminars.

If you want to know if the fitness industry is the right place for you then have a look at our instructors. These are all people who took that leap of faith and have never had to work a day in their lives since.

Sean McGarrity

Sean has been educating personal trainers in Dublin for the last ve years and has developed one of the leading training providers in the market place and has changed the way fitness professionals are trained in industry. He believes in creating education that empowers people and helps them understand, realise and accomplish the things they want in life, with a complete no BS approach.

Founder of Elite Fitness & Performance Academy

Courses: PT

Jason Kane

Jason Kane is one of the best-known coaches in Ireland. He’s heavily into his kettlebell training being the First irish- man in history to complete the “beast Challenge” and one of the team on the infamous “strength matters” kettle- bell certi cations. he founded Impact strength & performance gym where he trains some of the top ghters in both MMA and thai disciplines (having been heavily involved in martial arts from a young age)

Courses: PT, Kettlebell Instructor, Hyper- trophy seminar, Fat loss seminar, MMP.

Shannon Pollock

Shannon is a very active competitor in powerlifting and Girevoy sport (Ket- tlebell sport) 3 times National Record Holder with IDPFA in powerlifting, multiple gold medalist in both sports. European IUKL Kettlebell Champion. Shannon loves to compete almost as much as she loves to coach and teach. Her depth and variety of knowledge
is second to none and her ability to transfer that is what makes her such a pleasure to work with and learn from.