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James Hanley (Revolution Fitness)

“10 months ago I was stuck in a job I hated. I worked long hours for sh*t pay for a boss that didn’t appreciate me, and work which didn’t satisfy me [James was an accountant]. One day it all changed, I’d hit rock bottom. I knew in 20 years time I could still be trekking around Ireland, sleeping out of hotels, auditing companies that didn’t want me there, and made it obvious too! I bet a lot of people have felt like that.

I was scared. It was a big risk. A safe comfortable career with nice perks for the unknown. But I went for it. I grabbed my life by the proverbials, realized NO ONE WAS GOING TO DO IT FOR ME, and became the master of my fate, the captain of my soul.

….10 months later I work half the hours, get paid twice as much, love my job and genuinely get to help real people just like you, just like your parents, friends and family.”

– James Hanley