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There We’re no jobs in the Gyms in Louth For Me… So I Built My Own One


Let me introduce you to Chris.  He was a farmer but to say he hated it is an understatement……

Those cold wet mornings milking cows was not something he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

He always had a love for fitness and began to have a vision of opening up his own facility


Since walking out of Elite’s doors nearly a year and a half ago, Chris now has his own facility and is maxed out……

Did you open up your own place straight away?

God no, I finished the course in July 2018 and took me to nearly November till I got a job.

I am from Louth and there isn’t as many opportunities here,

so, it was hard at first and people around me start asking

“Why don’t you just go and get a 9-5 job like everyone else”

But I knew it would all come good in the end.


I had a vision, I knew after leaving Elite and seeing how gyms work. I knew I could do it better.

Of course its scary but

If there’s no fear there, its not big enough.

Take the risk, it will come back and reward you in the end.

so initially I got a job freelancing at a gym.

This is where I got my clients base all was going well

Then in May decided to open up my own place

after about a month I started panicking because I had no structure in place.

thats when I asked you for help!

What were things you were struggling with?

Keeping the clients is the biggest thing.

A client always comes in just really thinking about, “Oh, let me do this six week, or short…” It’s all short, stuff.

You actually want them in long term in order for you to grow, as a business, and as a PT.

You’re trying to educate them, to get them and tell them, “Look, maybe it’s a two or three year plan, this thing. It’s not actually a short little fix.”

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What are some of the mistakes that you seen that you were making, that some trainers could learn from?

I think the biggest thing I see is PT’s always promoting themselves, their training, whereas

It should be all about the client


Three pieces of advice to give to the younger Chris

1. Don’t be afraid, because jumping into that fear is where you’re going to evolve as a person.

2. Stand out, don’t worry what other people think.

3.Promote yourself, social media is obviously the biggest platform we have now. A lot of people are afraid to put videos up. A lot of people are afraid to put posts up.  At the start, I was very cautious putting videos up, But, who actually cares?

How have you grown in such a fast time? Opening Freedom Studios in Louth, having 55 clients on €200 a month

Joining Ascension is the number one thing that actually did help me, big time.

It’s having the structure.

It’s having someone to guide you along the way.

What would you say to these people who are thinking about investing in a business coach, and who are probably where you were, not knowing whether it was the right thing, or wrong thing. What would you say to those people to get them off the fucking fence?

Just literally do it, because it saved my business.

but also it’s progressed it all so quickly.


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