Suspension Training Course - Elite

Suspension Training Course

Without multi-directional exercises, any proper training routine is missing an entire dynamic

From general fitness up to the level of professional athlete, this Suspension Training course will open up a whole new way of training for you and what you can do with your clients.

Although weight lifting produces power in the vertical plane and is multi-joint, it involves little or no multi-directional movement such as rotational, diagonal and multi-planar (sagittal, frontal, transverse/rotational) movement. This course has been designed around all these movements and more importantly enables the introduction of fundamental movement for all ages and abilities from general fitness for everyday life to extreme/sport specific activities such as a high jumper (which is single leg explosive jump, with rotational and diagonal movements) and getting in or out of a car (which is a single leg squat with rotation).

The 1 Day Suspension Training Course from Elite Fitness & Performance Academy is the standard you will need to gain insurance for suspension training classes or to implement suspension training into your workouts.


Suspension Training Course


1 Day

What it qualifies you for

  • You will be able to give your clients suspension training classes with this CPD course
  • Teaching the hugely popular suspension training classes

Accreditation gained

EQF LVL3 mapped certificate


This course is the LEVEL 3 Fitness industry recognised qualification so you must already be a gym instructor to take this qualification

  • Centre of Gravity and suspension training
  • Core Stability with suspension framing equipment
  • Proprioception and posture
  • Benefits of Balance Training via suspension training
  • Levers and suspension training
  • Open/closed Kinetic Chain Exercises
  • Basic Guidelines for Suspension Training , exercises and program design
  • Controlled instability
  • Suspension Stability v Flexibility
  • Teaches you everything you need to know in this complex and specialised area of training
  • Teaches you all the multi-directional exercises you need to complete otherwise incomplete weight training regimes
  • Enables the teaching of fundamental movement
  • There is huge market demand for fitness professionals with suspension training abilities and qualifications
Course dates coming soon.