Level 3 Gym Instructor - Elite

Level 3 Gym Instructor

Begin the career of your dreams and sign up for the entry course to the fitness profession

The first course you need in order to get into the fitness industry is the Level 3 Gym Instructors course. The Level 3 Gym Instructors Course will cover everything you need to know to begin instructing clients in a gym or fitness club. Detailed sections on anatomy and physiology ensure you will know the science behind the full range of exercises you will learn. Everything from fitness testing, warming up and session planning to flexibility and advanced training methods will be covered in this comprehensive introductory level course.

You will be fully qualified and in an ideal position to begin training clients at the end of this course, even though this may only be your first course as a fitness professional.

This is the base of all further courses you can study at the Elite Fitness & Performance Academy and elsewhere. The Gym Instructors Course will allow you to progress and do any other CPD’s such as Kettlebells, Suspension etc., which are weekend courses. You can also progress and do the Level 4 Personal Trainer course.


Level 3 Gym Instructors Course


Full time – 2 weeks

What it qualifies you for

  • Work full-time or part-time as a gym instructor or supervisor within a health and fitness club or gym
  • Deliver popular group classes (by taking CPD modules) including kettlebells, indoor studio cycling, circuits and many more
  • Allows you to build towards becoming a personal trainer by completing the remaining personal trainer modules

Accreditation gained

EQF at Level 3


Open to all

Movement & Flexibility:

  1. Functional Kinesiology (correct movement science) applied to the following main lifts: deadlift, squat, clean & bench
  2. Flexibility for improved speed, power & agility
  3. Principles of correct Training philosophy in line with the evolution of Human Movement

Dealing with clients:

  1. Client interview and health screening techniques
  2. Client assessment and anthropomorphic measurement data capture
  3. Coaching Skills – Communication Skills & Technique
  4. Exercise & special populations including the elderly, pre & post natal & younger adults

Maximal & Submaximal Training:

  1. MSE – Muscular strength & endurance testing, maximal & submaximal
  2. Cardiovascular testing – maximal & submaximal VO2 Max testing procedure

Pre & Post Training:

  1. Prehab Injury Prevention & recovery techniques
  2. Functional warm ups for improved performance

Scientific Basis of Training:

  1. Anatomy & Physiology required for the prescription of exercise
  2. Nutrition health & wellness – The pyramid of support to performance & athletic development
  3. The prescription of exercise and the order of exercise selection

Advanced Training Methods:

  1. Principles of progressive overload
  2. Program design through hypertrophy, strength & power
  3. Advances in Functional Training
  4. Periodization regeneration and super compensation basics
  • This is the first course you need to enter the fitness industry
  • You will learn everything you need to begin instructing clients
  • This course covers the science behind proper training so you know how to give your clients the ultimate training sessions for a range of varied goals
  • This is pure gym instruction
  • This  course will allow you to build to become a fulltime personal trainer and one day own your own gym or fitness and performance centre
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