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Kettlebells Instructor

Learn how to swing a bell from the best kettlebells instructors in the industry

Kettlebell training has been around since the 1700s but has recently become one of the most sought after training systems by clients. Meet all your clients needs and perfect your own technique with this complete Kettlebells Instructor course that teaches the how and why behind kettlebell training. At Elite Fitness & Performance Academy, we strive to make courses the most comprehensive, in-depth and practical in the industry.

This course not only goes into the practical elements of kettlebells, but goes into the corrective exercises that all kettlebell instructors must grasp in order to make your client perform and function better.

This is the standard you will need to gain insurance for kettlebell classes or to implement kettlebell training into your workouts.


Kettlebells Instructor Course


1 day with a master trainer

What it qualifies you for

  • To gain insurance for kettlebell classes or to implement kettlebell training into your workouts
  • Map to Level 3 on European Quality Framework (EQF)

Accreditation gained

This course is graded as Level 3 and is on the European Quality Framework


This course is open to Gym Instructor and Personal Trainers only

Learners Manual supplied on day one with all theory & practical notes for the course

Registration on Elite Fitness & Performance Academy’s register of certified kettlebell instructors

Invitation to the Elite Fitness & Performance Academy’s kettlebell training club, where you can train with the tutors at events throughout the year

The course will teach you the fundamentals of kettlebell training and allow you to master the basics of the exercises while improving your ability to teach these principles to your clients

  • Understand the history of kettlebell exercises.
  • Identify the progression relating to kettlebell exercises
  • Explain the benefits of kettlebell training
  • Demonstrate correct technique of kettlebell exercises
  • Identify safety issues related to kettlebell training
  • Understanding the kinetic chain
  • Intra-Thoracic bracing/pressure and core stability
  • Learning many Kettlebell lifting techniques
  • All the exercises taught on the course will be broken down and trainers will learn all of the necessary techniques to perform them safely and effectively, while also employing corrective strategies to improve client performance.

The course will also teach you advanced techniques that will give you the edge over other trainers.

  • Introduction to the practical assessment
  • Instructing Practice
  • Training Plan periodisation
  • How to start training with kettlebells
  • Implementing kettlebells into training programs
  • Components of a session
  • Perfecting lifts prior to testing, including
    • The Swing – improving hip extension, recruiting the posterior chain
    • The Snatch
    • The Clean – clean & press
    • Front Squat
    • Military Press
    • Turkish get-ups
  • This is the standard needed to gain insurance for giving kettlebell classes
  • Will bring your own personal kettebell training to a more complete level
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