Advanced Nutrition Course Dublin

Advanced Nutrition Course

An advanced nutrition course to help your clients realise their training goals with a scientifically accurate nutritional plan.

Have you been looking for an advanced nutrition course? one that focuses on more than jus the run of the mill macro and micro nutrients?

then you are going to love this….

Hormone optimisation, programming for fat loss and muscle building. Whetever the goals, the best training you or your clients do will come to nothing without a sound nutritional plan behind it. With this course you will complete the training you can give from just in the gym to around the clock knowledge.

2 days in depth covering the areas that really matter.

Advanced Nutrition Course for Fitness Professionals, sick of the weak, mainstream nutritional information and who aspire to be really great nutritional coaches who get real world results.

You already have the basics of nutrition dialed in. You’re getting pretty good results with most of your clients…

You don’t need yet another depressingly average “snooze off” nutrition 101 lecture on the food pyramid and starchy grains

You want cutting edge, science backed, info with practical knowledge and tools so you immediately optimise client’s results and deliver professional sales package.

You want to fill your biggest nutritional knowledge gaps, dispel myths and develop into a coach who uses evidence-based advice, understands the science of fat loss and most importantly, knows how to make this work for every type of client you have?

You will leave the course confidently inspired to promote positive physical change in others.

You will be a better skilled, happier nutritional coach.

Who is This Course For?

This nutrition course is aimed that those who are seeking to deviate from the cookie-cutter, one-for-all nutritional design.  We aim to provide you with the practical knowledge and tools which will enable you to immediately optimise your clients results and ultimately improve your professional sales package.  You will leave the course a skilled nutritional coach and we won’t have mentioned the food pyramid once.

You already know the foundational nutrition based on single ingredient food and realise that there are too many people counting calories and not enough people counting additives.

You know that the food pyramid is making people fat and sick.

You need an advanced nutrition course that reflects todays latest cutting edge research that is backed by science and that will produce results like nothing on earth.