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Advanced Kettle Bells

Learn the theory and practical side of using kettlebells to successfully get stronger for you and your clients

The Advanced Kettlebell course is undoubtedly one of the most complete and exciting kettlebell strength projects available today.

Taught by the finest kettlebell instructor in Ireland, this course has a high level of focus concentrating on the technical and coaching aspects of each lift to develop the highest standards possible. The knowledge and practical approach to teaching by Beast Tamer Jason Kane is guaranteed to vastly improve your technique and coaching ability.

Jason has promised to share all his secrets and will hold nothing back during this 2-day practical seminar. His course will focus on double kettlebell work with an emphasis on enhanced power, explosiveness, strength and a whole new level of work capacity! His programming section will provide you with “no brainer” strength periodization templates. The Advanced Kettlebell Course at Elite Fitness & Performance Academy will show you how to train to get stronger and you will know the theory behind it so you can program for your clients’ success too.


Advanced Kettlebells


2 Day weekend course

What it qualifies you for

  • This is an excellent investment for any serious Kettlebell lifters out there and will raise your level of expertise beyond the reach of your competition
  • This is the course that will show you the limiting factors in your true strength expression and program to take advantage of that to let you reach your full potential

Accreditation gained

Elite Fitness & Performance Academy Advanced Kettlebell Certificate


Completion of pre-testing.  All tests will require 5 technically sound REPS be completed of the following:

Tests:                             Male                            Female

Swing                             2x24kg                       2x16kg

Squat tested               2x20kg                       2x12kg

Press tested                2x20kg                       2x8kg

Snatch tested            40x24kg                     40x12kg unlimited hand switch

  • All your techniques will be reviewed and fine-tuned from the beginning of the course
  • Learn what the strong do naturally to improve your expression of strength potential
  • Ballistics VS slower high intensity lifts
  • Proper mechanics and alignment
  • Neurmosuscular “neural drive” techniques for improved strength
  • Proper breathing and proper groove
  • Better coaching ability and effective teaching skills
  • Drills to improve clients performance across all lifts
  • Mobility work and prehabilitation techniques using Kettlebells
  • Day One
    • Double Bell Swing
    • Double Bell Squat
    • Double Bell Clean
    • Double Bell Press
    • Double Bell Push Press
    • The Jerk
    • Bent Press
    • Windmill
    • Getups and Advanced Getup Technique
  • Day Two
    • Program design for strength work – Get Beast Tamer Strong
    • Program design for fat loss – instantly adaptable programs to use with your own clients to get them ripped quickly
    • Kettlebells, Prehab & Mobility – will help to move better and perform better
  • If you have been practicing your lifts and have good competency and relish a challenge this is for you
  • Or if you just want to achieve the status of Advanced lifter to differentiate yourself from the competition and have your outstanding ability recognized then here you have it!
  • Program design and coaching from Beast Tamer, Jason Kane who knows how to program for beast strength and is the best kettlebell instructor in the country
  • Ultimate focus on techniques across all the main lifts
  • Blackrock Beast T-shirt for all Graduates
  • Learn correct posture and body alignment
  • How to spot and fix common errors
  • You receive the Advanced Kettlebell Certificate
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