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Studying at Elite is the next step to starting your career as a fitness professional.

Whether you are new to the fitness industry, looking to improve your knowledge base for your clients or looking to improve your own training we have the right course for you. We have written all our courses with your specific goals in mind. The fitness industry’s demands are ever evolving, that’s why our courses have been designed with the exact market needs in mind. Our courses, facilities and tutors are at the pinnacle of the fitness industry. All courses offered by Elite Fitness & Performance Academy are fully REPs, EHFA and ICREPs accredited. Don’t be left behind. Join the Elite today!


Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer you will enjoy a career that is both financially and emotionally pleasing. We will train you to be self-employed or employed in a career you will be rewarded by every day. The Personal Trainer Plus course will give you the skills to work on a one-to-one level with your clients.

Kettlebells Instructor

This complete kettlebell course provides students with all the practical and theoretical information needed for kettlebell training. This course not only goes into the practical element of kettlebells, but goes into the corrective exercise that all instructors must grasp in order to make your client perform and function better.

Suspension Training

Without multi-directional exercises, any proper training routine is missing an entire dynamic. The suspension course has been designed around these movements and enables the introduction of fundamental movement for all ages and abilities, for general fitness up to the level of professional athlete. This will open up a whole new area for your training and that of your clients.


Mobility & Movement Preparation Workshop

Train your clients without fear of injury by learning the best techniques to improve flexibility and movement. Help your clients to reach their fitness goals pain free!