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sarah smith
Sarah thought she knew all the avenues there was in the fitness industry, sure she had done it all…….. From starting off as a glorified cleaner, to doing swimming pool pH level tests, the LES mills classes, gp referral courses a gym manager then finally deciding to go out on her own. After a chance meeting with Sean and Jay who put the idea of year long Personal Training packages to her What – “that wouldn’t work in my town” But something stuck with her that day and she askedRead More
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Are you thinking about becoming a Personal Trainer BUT you worry you are not fit enough….. you worry people will laugh at you…… not sure where to go, all providers are the same. All those fears that are holding you back are your bullshit stories. Only YOU can make that change The only regret these students had was…. I should have done it sooner.   Layla Layla went from 18 stone and miserable to standing in elite doing a coaching course. its a lovely feeling helping people Don’t let yourRead More
I’ve Put My Job on Hold to Prioritise Something I should’ve done years ago….”   “And It’s Been the best decision i’ve ever made….”   The thing with My job is…. I could be working 2 or 3 weeks non stop and then have a week off… So I never really knew. It’s not consistent.  So I made the conscious decision to actually prioritise this.  Just stopped working and do the PT course with Elite………. and it’s been the best decision i’ve made 100%            Read More
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I was 19, just finished school which to be honest I hated. I had no motivation in school, so wasn’t sure if college was for me I took a year out…. In that time I got into fitness, I wanted to lose weight I started training in a small Personal Training studio       My PT was great, made me feel great after every session and I thought I want to be just like him, I wanted to become a Personal Trainer…. I started asking him about where didRead More
  difference between personal training ie what is out there in the big bad world and coaching   what I’m gonna do is give you proper value straight off what we teach on our Elite Coaching Certification…….. I’m gonna talk about the difference between personal training ie what is out there in the big bad world and coaching that’s why we call ours the Elite Coaching Certification because there’s a huge difference between being a PT somebody who just sticks f****ing Sean McGarrity PT at the end their name onRead More
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Look I wanted to do this, this is something really, really unique…..   That I’ve got in the gym with me today cause this thing happens every Thursday, us dudes   all meet up to train and its guys who came through the Academy and   now they are Personal Trainers out there doing   their own thing   but the other unique thing is they all started here at   Elite and they now own their own gym so I   wanted to get like a little run-through of what’sRead More
MOST OF MY BLOGS ARE BASED ON THE POSITIVE PHYSICAL CHANGES , TRAINING HAS HAD ON ME… AND I USED TO BE FAT.. NOW EVERYTHING IS GLORIOUS AND EASY…. WELL, NOT ENTIRELY TRUE….. I DECIDED I WAS GOING TO WRITE ONE AND COME AT IT FROM A DIFFERENT ANGLE… MY WEAKNESS AKA MY MINDSET …   My mindset, the devil on my shoulder, telling me it’s okay.….. How I got where I am, how I will get where I want to go… Not the Shannon everyone thinks they know, confident, fierce, firey and alwaysRead More
  7 REASONS YOU MIGHT FAIL WHEN TRYING A  WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM/DIET. I heard on the radio that Ireland is fast becoming the most obese nations in Europe check the stats here <<< and it got me thinking why do so many people struggle with weight loss? With 90% of the people, we see at Impact Strength & Performance, Blackrock it boils down to 7 things. Sometimes it’s just one of the things below as the main culprit and other times it’s a combination of them. Either way, it derails people’s ability to loseRead More

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Help Me, I’m Working Out With No Results

  I GO TO THE GYM ALL THE TIME BUT I DON’T SEE RESULTS…WHY?   Unfortunately, people in gym’s all over the world go to exercise but never seem to get the benefit of it. It’s not their fault either. There’s so much info out there on health and fitness that it can be a nightmare to know where/how to start and keep the ball rolling. The fact is, most people start exercising but never stick to it because their results don’t reflect their efforts! I’m going to tell youRead More
isp gym
Curious about getting into shape and turning your life around? As a personal trainer working in a semi private PT facility , Impact SP Blackrock,  we know the impact we’ve had on clients , they’ve completely changed their body, mind and spirit. It’s not all six packs and bulging biceps…   Quality Personal Training will give you more than that! Here’s 3 ways a personal trainer will change your life.     #1 –  THEY WILL GET YOU RESULTS   How long have you been in a gym? A few weeks,Read More