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Posted On November 22, 2013By EliteIn Testimonials

Rick Evans

“I just want to say thanks to the guys at Elite. I couldn’t have chosen a better place to learn. The tutors practice what they preach and are all at the top of their game; it’s been a pleasure to train there with them. I had a complete career and life changing move from the UK to Dublin to get into the fitness industry and couldn’t be happier. I’ve been successful in two out of two interviews so far and I’ve been getting feedback from gym managers that having theRead More
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Posted On November 22, 2013By EliteIn Testimonials

James Hanley (Revolution Fitness)

“10 months ago I was stuck in a job I hated. I worked long hours for sh*t pay for a boss that didn’t appreciate me, and work which didn’t satisfy me [James was an accountant]. One day it all changed, I’d hit rock bottom. I knew in 20 years time I could still be trekking around Ireland, sleeping out of hotels, auditing companies that didn’t want me there, and made it obvious too! I bet a lot of people have felt like that. I was scared. It was a bigRead More
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Posted On November 22, 2013By EliteIn Testimonials

Anna Syme (Anna Syme PT)

“After the courses I completed with Elite, I got to work right away. I left with the complete confidence I needed to go out on my own and start my PT business. It’s what I always wanted. After 3 months I had that much business I needed help to cover the sessions. I met someone I thought I could work with and knew I would refer them to Elite so that we had the same ethos and idea of training. I knew the training philosophy; what I learned with youRead More
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Posted On November 22, 2013By EliteIn Testimonials

John T Kenny (Access Fitness Dublin)

“After doing the 6 weeks fulltime course with Elite Fitness & Performance Academy I just had a much bigger outlook as to what was possible with the qualification and what I had learned. I had a few clients lined up for the Monday right after I had finished. it was great to be able to deliver all the material I had learned to clients. They were quickly seeing results and word of mouth got the message out there. Then it just exploded! Within 9 months I had kitted out myRead More