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Episode #6: Danny Lennon, Part 2

Thanks for joining us again in Part 2 of our interview with Danny Lennon. We pick right up where we left off, which was covering the topic of evidence-based nutrition through continually educating one’s self as the trainer so the clients receive the best results they can on an individual basis. This can only be done through getting to know the client and truly wanting to help them, which Danny emphasized was an essential part of being a great trainer. For today, we go over the camps and trends thatRead More

Posted On July 8, 2016By EliteIn Testimonials

Yana Nova

‘’I was so proud when I  received my certificates for Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer after only 6 short weeks! You won’t find another course like the one from Elite Academy.The Academy is only two years old and has an incredible reputation! ! Obviously there’s a reason why, the provided material delivers all the information you need to start with in your new career and enables you to be distinguished from all the other trainers out there from the first day you start working! The coaches are world class levelRead More

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Tommy Delaney

‘’I thought I knew my fitness until I did the course at Elite. I always went home full of new inspiring knowledge . I was talking to Sean on the phone recently in regards to developing my business as a fitness professional. The advice he gave me in the half hour free phone call was mind blowing!I would advise anyone who is looking to get into the fitness industry or just further their learning to get into Elite. Sean and his team have the future of fitness education in theirRead More

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Stephen McDonald

‘’Fantastic trainers who in turn, train the best in the business. I have completed many courses with Sean and the boys at Elite and it’s safe to say, it’s changed my life completely!  I’m now running my own business which before would only have been a dream. I cannot recommend the guys enough for all they have done for me in achieving my dream !’’ Stephen McDonaldRead More

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Sophie Kavanagh

‘’Fantastic place to start my journey in the Fitness Industry, Highly commended! A great platform for real professionals and those who love this industry.’’ Sophie KavanaghRead More

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Neal Dempsey

‘’What these lads did for me can’t be put down on paper. Took me through a superb gym instructors and PT course resulting me in opening a very profitable and busy small business.I went on to do a kettlebell instructors//suspension trainer instructors and advanced nutrition course. Anyone looking to get into the fitness industry don’t bother wasting your time going anywhere else. Top notch lads! ‘’ Neal DempseyRead More

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Sean Wootton

‘’I studied at Elite Fitness and Performance Academy and successfully completed their fast track PT course . In my eyes, Elite are the best in the business for delivering an A1 course . They changed the whole way I look at fitness. They are 15 years ahead of other in the irish fitness industry, with information that cannot be matched. Everything I learnt from elite I put it into practice immediately after leaving and to say it worked is an understatement . Plenty of interest from many different gyms andRead More

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Shane McCracken

‘’The Elite staff have put together an incredible curriculum in key areas such as anatomy & physiology, myofascial release, mobility, flexibility, resistance training, conditioning, and nutrition. The curriculum presented is well researched and supported by valid scientific studies ! As a veteran school teacher in America, what I most admired about the Elite instructors is that they were beyond book smart and were dedicated practitioners of fitness and all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Based on a wealth of first hand experience, the instructors at Elite have a keen eyeRead More

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Mick Byrne

‘’Elite FPA changed my life got me out of the job I hated for 7 years. I am now running my own gym with over 60 clients all because of the training and knowledge I have gained at Elite. Not only have I done my gym instructor and personal training with them, I loved it so much there I have also completed their kettlebell instructor, advanced nutrition, and circuit conditioning courses!’’ Mick ByrneRead More

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Leigh Porter

‘’Can’t recommend this place enough. I did the personal training course in Elite and by the end of the four weeks I felt equipped and excited to put what I had learnt into practice! Not only were my opinions of the industry changed, but I was inspired by the knowledge, expertise and successes of the lads delivering the course. These guys are the best in the business, so ahead of the game you’d be crazy to go to any other course. Brilliant facilities, quality course, exceeded my expectations, best moneyRead More