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chris mcg
    Sean:                Yo! What is the craic, Chris? Chris:               What’s happening? What’s happening? Sean:                I am fucking super excited to get you on here today, and tell these people the story, because look, just so that these guys know what they’re in for, what were you doing before you got into fitness? Give us like a back story of what your life went from, and to what you’re doing now. Chris:               Well, before fitness, basically it was just farming. 24/7. Hated life, hated every fucking day. It was justRead More
Tons of YOUR questions about our personal trainer course and more answered here.   Q: What’s the difference between training providers and accrediting bodies? ANSWER: All training providers and their relevant accrediting bodies (ITEC, FETAC, REPs) provide you with the certification required to start your career in fitness. If you are considering emigrating make sure your certification will travel with you by contacting REPS Ireland via their website and following the registration and porting process before you travel.   ALL Reps Ireland accredited certs are recognized in the same countriesRead More
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Do you have a True passion for fitness? Want to know how to turn that into real Career as a Personal Trainer? I’ve actually figured it out.   Seriously. I have.   I now know exactly why people find it so HARD to make the title statement come true for them.   I NOW know why some people will NEVER make it in this industry as a Personal Trainer   I know why they will continually hustle for clients, continually drop their prices in response to competition and why they willRead More
scott furlong
Is college always the right path? Scott’s dad was a traditionalist thought going to School – then college – get Job – have a Pension Will make you happy But Scott wasn’t….. So, decided to do a gym instuctor course where he ended up doing step aerobics and for a man with 2 left feet this wasn’t good………………😂 One thing it did make him realise though that he did like the coaching side of things and knew a 9-5 job wasn’t for him… But after that course he thought thereRead More
Everyday we hear reason’s stopping people from taking a leap of faith doing a personal trainer course getting into the industry and changing their lives forever.   Now we are NOT saying that taking a personal training course works like a magic bullet. Of course it doesn’t. There isn’t any course on earth that guarantees you get a job. OR success. Including going to university and getting a degree. Not a single university will make a crazy claim that a degree will guarantee a job. It guarantees education. What you doRead More

Posted On November 15, 2019By EliteIn Blog

Personal Training Is NOT a REAL Job

  Personal training Is NOT a REAL Job   Its over saturated, underpaid and over 80% will quit in their first year and make less than 10K.    Holy shit what a kick in the nuts Ever get the feeling that you’re surrounded by negativity?   It’s like…. you’re doing your best   You’re following what you believe in…….   ………you’re ALL IN   Only to have some complete “A hole” tell you the shit above here ^^^^^   OR something like what Sandra keeps being told   She repliedRead More
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Posted On October 21, 2019By EliteIn Blog

You’re Happy Ever After…….

“Go to school get good grades and if you’re lucky you’ll get into university and then you’ll get a great job and be happy ever after” Isn’t that what we are all told…….. But look some people believe in Fairies……   You see I speak to students every day as you know we are applications only This story really stood out to me… I had a guy Thomas, whose been doing a sport science degree but began to get the feeling from the course content that it wasn’t what he believedRead More
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Are you thinking about becoming a Personal Trainer BUT you worry you are not fit enough….. you worry people will laugh at you…… not sure where to go, all providers are the same. All those fears that are holding you back are your bullshit stories. Only YOU can make that change The only regret these students had was…. I should have done it sooner.   Layla Layla went from 18 stone and miserable to standing in elite doing a coaching course. its a lovely feeling helping people Don’t let yourRead More
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Posted On September 13, 2019By EliteIn Blog

Why I Quit 40k Sales Job To Become A Personal Trainer

“pick the cheapest provider out there they are all the same” We don’t claim the success of our students, students make their own success. But we can see every day students going back 8 or 9 years ago are still rockin this industry. we are often accused of focusing  to much on those who go on to open their own facilites we do this to show you its possible….. BUT not everyone wants to, John didn’t and he is now the operations manager in SMART Training, Dublin.   John startedRead More
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In the past we have celebrated a lot of our students who have gone on and opened their own facilities This was to show you how this is possible….. BUT we also have so many students who are rockin the fitness industry as managers, fitness instructors, personal trainers    Here is Amanda who since finishing up in Elite 5 years ago is now living her dream job managing Full Body Workhouse in Roscommon. what’s your average day look like?  Average day starts at about 5:30, I get to work atRead More