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Hypertrophy Camp - The Science of Building Muscle
22 Sep [change course]

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Do You Want A Workshop That Teaches You How To Build Muscle With Each & Every Client?

A Workshop That Links Theory & Practical to Optimise Your Body Composition Created From Evidence Based Research.

The day will include both theory and practical elements, covering:

~ Advanced training techniques - GBC, GVT, ESCALATING DENSITY ETC...

~Understanding the variables that relate to Hypertrophy- Progressive Overload, Time Under Tension (TUT), Time Under Load (TUL), Cell Swelling, Hyperplasia, Volume, Frequency etc...

~How to Optimise Your Biomechanics to make sure you contract the correct muscle & maximise tension in the muscle

~Hypertrophy Programming to ensure muscle growth

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Hypertrophy Camp - The Science of Building Muscle
22 Sep
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