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Pt Course Dublin
Is there such thing as a “good PT Course” or a “bad PT Course”…. Sushi. Want some with that PT Course is the question I asked….. but getting back to Sushi… I love it!! Maybe you do too? Now i’m talking real GOOD stuff, not the cheap fake crap. Imagine your in the sushi bar and you see this awesome looking piece of sushi fly round the belt on the sushi train You grab it before anyone else gets a look in. You bite in and holy shit… its F*(king rancid!!!!Read More
what if
How to Fail Your Way To Success in Becoming a Personal Trainer.   Recently I have had a TON of enquiries and spoken to people and the recurring theme is…… Getting into the fitness industry Scares the shit out of a lot of you….. AND I can totally understand exactly why it would. You see some of us will leave solid jobs in search for real happiness in pursuit of their dreams of becoming a personal trainer. Others are stepping out on their own for the first time and it can be aRead More