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We have special guest Danny Lennon joining us today, who provides education behind nutrition based off of evidence-based content. We broke this interview into two parts so that you can get the most from his interview, covering what this kind of training even is within the fitness world in this first part. So, with that being said, what does evidence-based nutrition even mean, exactly? It’s about researching and understanding what’s been working based off of practical experience and studies. How does this affect Fitness? There’s been an evolution of researchRead More
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Always wanting to do his own thing, today’s guest Darren Dillon knew that he was going to carve his own path into what we now know as Kickstart Fitness. Specializing in functional training, Darren’s clients range from whole football teams to individual athletes, but he initially felt like a boy in a man’s game when he first started as a personal trainer. It was an uphill battle the whole time as he considered the question, “What would happen if money wasn’t an issue and any possibility was out there?” HeRead More
What do you get when you have two Irishmen and a Welshman walk into a podcast? We get a conversation with James Breese on today’s episode, who is the owner of Strength Matters. While in the police, James trained often and got injured just as much, so he was able to convince those in charge to help those in his unit to train in such a way that they no longer got injured and changed their mentality in how they approached police work. Once he shifted from the world ofRead More
What Has An Irish Army Commander Got to Teach you About Personal Training…?   DO you know this….   some people just REFUSE   Point blank   To give up   Kinda like that “Siege of Jadotville” movie (on Netflix)   It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen EVER Not just because it’s a true story….   Where the Irish army get cornered   in a wide open area that’s  nearly impossible to defend    By a massive group of mercenaries   Somewhere in deepest darkest Africa.   They were outgunned,Read More
How do you become a personal trainer? I want you forget everything you think you know about how to become a personal trainer. Any idea you have about it….just let it go. For a second.   Because part of my job everyday is to help people BECOME that.   Going by our students success rate we do that damn well.   We get aspiring trainers started on the right path and help them become a personal trainer. We educate them, teach them coaching skills BLAH BLAH BLAH You get the picture.Read More
I don’t get death threats too often.   But when I get them…. Holy shit are they funny.   Like John here who sent me the most endearing email ever.   “Your a cheeky fuck, you know nothing of were I qualified, is actually through the XXXXX, full time course, ran through XXX, NOW, Take me off your email list. Or I’ll show you how too squat!!!   Holy shit balls, someone’s pissed in john’s cornflakes obviously.   I think what he’s referring to is when I sent a mail outRead More
Epigenetics – An Introduction Epigenetics essentially is the study of how environmental factors influence the genetic expression of an organism. For the sake of this article we will focus on certain environmental factors that can greatly influence the genetic expression of us human beings. The largest environmental influences on our genetic expression as a human species are the following: Nutrition Sleep Circadian Rhythms Environmental Toxins Our Upbringing & “Developmental Conditioning” (sets our Subconscious Belief Systems) Our Society and Culture (also another factor in setting our Subconscious Belief Systems) Our ThoughtsRead More
Choosing Efficacy Over Effectiveness Two words which, to many, may seem pretty much the same; efficacy and effectiveness.  But the distinction between them is critical in the world of research. Also when we consider giving nutrition advice or coaching to clients, not only is knowing the difference crucial but we MUST make sure we are programming something with the right one in mind. “Efficacy refers to the effect of the strategy under the presumption of perfect adherence or 100% compliance with the advice.” “Effectiveness is the actual real-world effect a given strategy will have. It takes intoRead More