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  With every second person you know doing personal training courses these days   And with more and more personal training courses being offered…. It’s getting even harder to tell the good from the bad, to the downright UGLY.   Because here’s the absolute TRUTH… (I could get in HUGE trouble for saying this But it HAS to be said)   It’s so easy for companies to tell you What you WANT to hear.   Or even worse, blind you with bullsh*t Which sounds so convincing….. …We want to believe it.  Read More
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  Personal training Is NOT a REAL Job   Its over saturated, underpaid and over 80% will quit in their first year and make less than 10K.    Holy shit what a kick in the nuts Ever get the feeling that you’re surrounded by negativity?   It’s like…. you’re doing your best   You’re following what you believe in…….   ………you’re ALL IN   Only to have some complete “A hole” tell you the shit above here ^^^^^   OR something like what Sandra keeps being told   She repliedRead More
Joining us in today’s episode is John (JT) Kenny, lifestyle coach and fitness trainer for Access Health + Fitness who focuses on mindfulness within oneself to become successful inside of one’s health. According to JT, “if we’re thinking of wanting, then we can’t focus on anything else and remain stuck.” For JT, it’s about living in the moment and being fully present to keep us in a strong frame of mind so that fitness and health naturally come with it. But he didn’t start out that way. Originally he did MMARead More
Dominic Munnelly is today’s guest on our Elite Fitness podcast and was also our first interview. What better way than to start out the interviews with someone that has been training for the past 20 years in the fitness industry and comes from a fitness science background, so you know all of his muscles aren’t just for show! As a personal trainer, Dominic is giving people the tools they need for a healthy life, rather than extreme but temporary body building. He would rather work with clients that want toRead More
We have Andy Meyers on today’s podcast as Jason takes the interview solo while Sean is in exams. Andy is the owner of AM Fitness, which according to his Instagram account is a “unique, semi-private personal training specialist in strength, mobility and movement.” So how did he get his start into the fitness industry? Kickboxing became a catalyst towards Andy turning into a trainer himself, solidifying the trend that we continue to see regarding kickboxing creating fitness trainers. But Andy believes in bringing out unlimited possibilities in his life, which isRead More
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Thanks for joining us again in Part 2 of our interview with Danny Lennon. We pick right up where we left off, which was covering the topic of evidence-based nutrition through continually educating one’s self as the trainer so the clients receive the best results they can on an individual basis. This can only be done through getting to know the client and truly wanting to help them, which Danny emphasized was an essential part of being a great trainer. For today, we go over the camps and trends thatRead More
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We have special guest Danny Lennon joining us today, who provides education behind nutrition based off of evidence-based content. We broke this interview into two parts so that you can get the most from his interview, covering what this kind of training even is within the fitness world in this first part. So, with that being said, what does evidence-based nutrition even mean, exactly? It’s about researching and understanding what’s been working based off of practical experience and studies. How does this affect Fitness? There’s been an evolution of researchRead More
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Always wanting to do his own thing, today’s guest Darren Dillon knew that he was going to carve his own path into what we now know as Kickstart Fitness. Specializing in functional training, Darren’s clients range from whole football teams to individual athletes, but he initially felt like a boy in a man’s game when he first started as a personal trainer. It was an uphill battle the whole time as he considered the question, “What would happen if money wasn’t an issue and any possibility was out there?” HeRead More