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We all go on holidays and think we never want it to end…… Dream about owning a business and living in the Sun forever. But that is what Tony Olin did, a top Muay Thai Fighter, he used to go to Thailand every year to train and is now living the dream How did it all start , Tony? I got into fitness because of the Muay Thai, I wasn’t making much money from that and I thought if I did a personal trainer course I could do PT onRead More
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Here’s Catherine Shields from 3b Fit (we’ll get to what the 3 b’s stand for later) Catherine always had a dream of getting into fitness but didn’t think she could turn her passion into a career. She also wasn’t getting much encouragement from friends and family who didn’t think it was a career like so many…. People view people in fitness as just sitting around drinking protein shakes all day and that you can’t actually make a career out of this so…..she got herself a nice cozy, pensionable job inRead More
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Here is Sarah owner of Boss lady who has been in the industry for over 16 years. Sarah started as a glorifed cleaner in a Gym to having drop-in kettlebell classes to to recently moving to the south of France where all her clients are online Ok Sarah, so that is a quick summary of what you did and where you are now but lets go back…. Like so many trainers out there I was doing 14 hour days, grabbing my lunch where I could, dealing with payments coming inRead More
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I Will Never Forget the look on my Dad’ Face ….He saw me Mopping the floor & Thought I Was a Cleaner   I’m Scott furlong owner fitness health and  performance here in Churchtown…. But listen it wasn’t always like this for me  like both my parents are hard-working people my dad very much wanted me to go to school, get a good education  go to college take a degree and then get a good job  and, I probably saw myself going that way for a long time until I realisedRead More
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Here is Pol Murray owner for the past 3 years of Primal Strength and Movement in Lisburn, Pol likes to rant as a past time…… but seriously he honestly just says it as it is, you mightn’t like it and it hits a nerve with a lot of Trainers so WARNING here he is calling out all those instafamous trainers/mentors out there and telling you what 3 things you need to do become a success as a Personal Trainer    “I have been in the industry for over 12 yearsRead More
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One of Dublins Most Expensive Personal Trainer Reveals Secret to High Paying Clients So, Tristan what’s your background? IT is what I was in before Fitness, I wasn’t sporty or into fitness growing up so was told to concentrate on my education encouraged to get a nice stable job but I kind of rebelled when I got into college I wanted to change my body which I did, so then wanted to start helping other people do the same thing and get that same feeling I had   “I openedRead More
How I went from renting a space to now owning my own gym in less than 2 yrs I came to you back in 2016, Max at this stage was 10 months Like many women I had an emergencey c-section and with that comes hormones and feeling a bit all over the place that is where my love for strength and conditioning came in I watched my body compostion change in a way I had never seen before you see I was the ultimate cardio bunny I had tried itRead More
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3 of my last 4 hires have been Elite students and theres a pretty obvious reason why…… Brendan came across F45 by pure accident and what an accident that turned out to be he’s now launched 3 franchises in Dublin over the past 2 years Brendan is here with us today to tell us how he got into the industry but also has an opportunity for a student as he hires a lot of Elite students Okay Brendan, firstly what is F45? F45 is what we like to call havingRead More