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Here is Pol Murray owner for the past 3 years of Primal Strength and Movement in Lisburn, Pol likes to rant as a past time…… but seriously he honestly just says it as it is, you mightn’t like it and it hits a nerve with a lot of Trainers so WARNING here he is calling out all those instafamous trainers/mentors out there and telling you what 3 things you need to do become a success as a Personal Trainer    “I have been in the industry for over 12 yearsRead More
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One of Dublins Most Expensive Personal Trainer Reveals Secret to High Paying Clients So, Tristan what’s your background? IT is what I was in before Fitness, I wasn’t sporty or into fitness growing up so was told to concentrate on my education encouraged to get a nice stable job but I kind of rebelled when I got into college I wanted to change my body which I did, so then wanted to start helping other people do the same thing and get that same feeling I had   “I openedRead More
How I went from renting a space to now owning my own gym in less than 2 yrs I came to you back in 2016, Max at this stage was 10 months Like many women I had an emergencey c-section and with that comes hormones and feeling a bit all over the place that is where my love for strength and conditioning came in I watched my body compostion change in a way I had never seen before you see I was the ultimate cardio bunny I had tried itRead More
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3 of my last 4 hires have been Elite students and theres a pretty obvious reason why…… Brendan came across F45 by pure accident and what an accident that turned out to be he’s now launched 3 franchises in Dublin over the past 2 years Brendan is here with us today to tell us how he got into the industry but also has an opportunity for a student as he hires a lot of Elite students Okay Brendan, firstly what is F45? F45 is what we like to call havingRead More
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Have you ever thought about getting into fitness but were afraid to leave your job, or thought you maybe wouldn’t be good enough to make a real career from it so you just kept on working at something you didn’t really wanna do forever cause you didn’t have any other ideas? If you answered YES to any of the above then I want to introduce you to Peter at 21 had a secure, 27k a year job but knew he’d more to give the cold harsh reality of the dayRead More
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  So,  Most of us don’t have any idea what we want when we are a teenager but Eoghan certainly knew what he didn’t want and that was to go to college he wanted a job that was hands-on we are brought up to believe college is the right route but it isn’t for everyone. Eoghan knew it wasn’t for him but he didn’t want to let people down and go the unconventional route “I always had a love for sport, played GAA and soccer and then rugby at school”Read More
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Do you have a True passion for fitness? Want to know how to turn that into real Career as a Personal Trainer? I’ve actually figured it out.   Seriously. I have.   I now know exactly why people find it so HARD to make the title statement come true for them.   I NOW know why some people will NEVER make it in this industry as a Personal Trainer   I know why they will continually hustle for clients, continually drop their prices in response to competition and why they willRead More
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  ****** Warning ********   ……..just in case shit gets “ranty”   AND   there’s a possibility   i’ve some bad news   …..YOU …..could be wasting   a SHIT TON   of money …..IF   ………you’re thinking about becoming a Personal Trainer   and you’re trying to buy a ……”cert“   because those certs are a waste of money…… Personal Trainer certs are a waste……of money    Have I said that enough times???   now I know what   you could be thinking   “….what??? what’s he talking about???? is that not whatRead More