Elite Testimonials
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“pick the cheapest provider out there they are all the same” We don’t claim the success of our students, students make their own success. But we can see every day students going back 8 or 9 years ago are still rockin this industry. we are often accused of focusing  to much on those who go on to open their own facilites we do this to show you its possible….. BUT not everyone wants to, John didn’t and he is now the operations manager in SMART Training, Dublin.   John startedRead More
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In the past we have celebrated a lot of our students who have gone on and opened their own facilities This was to show you how this is possible….. BUT we also have so many students who are rockin the fitness industry as managers, fitness instructors, personal trainers    Here is Amanda who since finishing up in Elite 5 years ago is now living her dream job managing Full Body Workhouse in Roscommon. what’s your average day look like?  Average day starts at about 5:30, I get to work atRead More
We all have those bullshit stories that we keep telling ourselves. I am not good enough I’ll wait till I am fitter i’ll wait till its a better time Friends tell me there is no work out there There is nothing holding you back except YOU What is the worse that could happen? Here are 4 students who were not happy what there were doing, they wanted to be doing something they love. Hear how they fought their those stories and took the leap to changing their lives forever andRead More
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Will I be good enough? Am I too old? Am I too young and too inexperienced? Will I get a job? These are fears and concerns I hear everyday from students which is holding them back from turning their passion of fitness into a career. Here are 4 students who had those very fears and now having completed the personal trainer course Has not just given them the qualification but the knowledge and confidence to be able to coach in “real world settings”     Emily I was so scaredRead More
Part 2….. Just like in Part 1, we have the most honest, raw and relevent information you will ever see in the fitness industry…….. For those looking to get into the industry or maybe you are in it already and are at point where you don’t know where to go to next and are having the same problems some of these gym owners had. As all of these trainers were YOU.   we have 5 more videos of Gym owners around the world where you will get How to makeRead More
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“Doubled My Income in 6 Months” or ” Gone From 0-250 Clients” Everyday on social media you see the great results Trainers and Gym owners achieve But No-one’s talking about the bad stuff, the struggles, the failings, the years of hard work The F**K ups, the tears, the closures and the absolute shit storm that you can endure when trying to open up your own facility or just crack the fitness industry  Its like everyone is pretending its easy and all you need is abs and an instagram account andRead More
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Here is Jonny Bruton one of the very first Elite students to complete our personal trainer course in 2011. College wasn’t for Johnny and though it was many years and 3 attempts later before he realised this, Johnny finally found his passion and that was helping people fit fitness into their lifestyle He went from being on social welfare to now owning 2 smart training gyms in Ireland Hey Johnny, tell us a bit about what you were doing before you got into the fitness industry?  Being an ex internationalRead More
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  How do you know when it is time to expand? Ok well before you start thinking about expansion or taking on any risk…. Is your current gym fully booked and has it been for the past 3 months? Are you turning people away? if you answer YES to these questions, then it is time to look at getting more capacity, being able to fit more people in Expansion could look like getting a bigger premises or taking on a member of staff it doesn’t always mean you’re going outRead More