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Have you ever thought about getting into fitness but were afraid to leave your job, or thought you maybe wouldn’t be good enough to make a real career from it so you just kept on working at something you didn’t really wanna do forever cause you didn’t have any other ideas? If you answered YES to any of the above then I want to introduce you to Peter at 21 had a secure, 27k a year job but knew he’d more to give the cold harsh reality of the dayRead More
5 Reason’s Why You’re Not In The Fitness Industry, (And How A Personal Trainer Course Can Help.)     Everyday we hear reason’s stopping people from taking a leap of faith doing a personal trainer course getting into the industry and changing their lives forever.   Now we are NOT saying that taking a personal training course works like a magic bullet. Of course it doesn’t. There isn’t any course on earth that guarantees you get a job. OR success. Including going to university and getting a degree. Not a singleRead More
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Do you have a True passion for fitness? Want to know how to turn that into real Career as a Personal Trainer? I’ve actually figured it out.   Seriously. I have.   I now know exactly why people find it so HARD to make the title statement come true for them.   I NOW know why some people will NEVER make it in this industry as a Personal Trainer   I know why they will continually hustle for clients, continually drop their prices in response to competition and why they willRead More
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  ****** Warning ********   ……..just in case shit gets “ranty”   AND   there’s a possibility   i’ve some bad news   …..YOU …..could be wasting   a SHIT TON   of money …..IF   ………you’re thinking about becoming a Personal Trainer   and you’re trying to buy a ……”cert“   because those certs are a waste of money…… Personal Trainer certs are a waste……of money    Have I said that enough times???   now I know what   you could be thinking   “….what??? what’s he talking about???? is that not whatRead More
Tons of YOUR questions about our personal trainer course Gym Instructor course and more answered here. Q: Where do I start, I want to be a Personal Trainer can I just do the PT course? ANSWER: Fitness industry education starts with the gym instructor course. It is the gateway to the personal trainer course and continual professional development. The course takes 2 weeks to complete which we provide on a Full Time basis.   Other training providers deliver the same course on a Part-Time basis which often takes a coupleRead More
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I was back home for a few days recently and I got this question a lot…. “what are the first things you would focus on if you were starting a new personal training business all over again….? It was a great question so I thought about it a bit and then came back with this answer. To me it all boils down to just 5 things, and that’s what I will cover in this blog,  Seriously it came down to just getting 5 things right. Call it a formula for success if you likeRead More
The exact comment I got was this: “Is it True nearly 90% of Personal Trainers Quit after 1 or 2 years because they make less than 10,000 and cant move out of mum and dads place?”     YUP 90% of new Personal Trainers     QUIT within a couple years       Cause they earn €10,00 (or even LESS)       And can’t move out     of mum and dads place     That was the comment   GO HERE to see the reply in FACEBOOK OrRead More
  With every second person you know doing personal training courses these days   And with more and more personal training courses being offered…. It’s getting even harder to tell the good from the bad, to the downright UGLY.   Because here’s the absolute TRUTH… (I could get in HUGE trouble for saying this But it HAS to be said)   It’s so easy for companies to tell you What you WANT to hear.   Or even worse, blind you with bullsh*t Which sounds so convincing….. …We want to believe it.  Read More